Prison Body, Freedom Soul: The Story of Robert Coney- Production Coordinator (2006-2007)

Title:  Production Coordinator

Project:  Prison Body, Freedom Soul: The Story of Robert Coney

Company:  3rd & Hauser Productions, LLC

Date: 2006 – 2007

Location(s): Houston, TX /  New York, NY

Genre:  Drama

Format: Feature Length Documentary  (Docu-film)

Overview:  The docu-film follows the story of Robert Coney, a man who was wrongly imprisoned for over 20  years in the state of Texas for a crime he did not commit, and his personal, family, and spiritual journey as he fought to successfully attain his freedom and prove his innocence.

Length:  2 Hours

#Episodes (if applicable):  N/A

Skills Used: research, organizing, managing


  • Supervised shoot and crew
  • Composed schedule breakdown for shoot
  • Coordinated interviews
  • Collected and logged all research information and materials