Multi-platform Producer- Ferguson/Michael Brown News Coverage (2014)

  •  Served as the primary point of contact for multi-platform (internet, television, and radio) coverage on behalf of Radio One Inc, which includes Radio One, Interactive One, TV One, and Reach Media
  • Recruited, hired, and managed contractors in video production, digital media, journalism, and other specialities to assist with the 24/7 coverage
  • Created a system for producing and managing the content so that each platform could receive the same content simultaneously in a format that was catered to their respective platform.  It was the first time the company had ever been able to distribute a unified news message across all platforms
  • Set budget, negotiated contracts with contractors and vendors for equipment and services
  • Served as liaison for executives, staff, and contractors
  • Able to successfully break a major news story before any other news entity, also a first for the company during the coverage
  • Provided local contacts and negotiated partnerships to assist with the coverage