Digital Media Specialist and Video Producer (2010 – 2014)

Radio One, Inc. / Interactive One, Inc. 

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX / St. Louis, MO

  • Serve as Video Producer, Online Editor, Digital Support Coordinator, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Traffic Director, Social Media Manager, & Event Coverage Coordinator for both local, national, and corporate teams
  • Oversee all digital projects, which included their websites, text messaging, social media, digital contests, and e-blast campaigns for sales, programming, promotions, and corporate locally
  • Worked directly with the managers of the sales, digital sales, promotions, traffic, and programming departments, as well as the member of their teams and clients regarding digital campaigns
  • Successfully managed over 1000 projects since 2010
  • Contributed to digital sales generating a record breaking 500K+ in revenue in 2011 and 2012
  • Train and educate staff and interns on digital media and video-related skills and techniques
  • Recruit and manage freelancers for digital and video-related projects


Online Editor

  • Create and manage all content that is distributed over digital platforms
  • Ensure content is within legal and corporate requirements
  • Review online metric data to determine trends and successful content


Digital Support Coordinator

  • Assist departments in the creation and development of digital promotional campaigns
  • Provided recap elements of digital campaigns for sales and promotions departments


Digital/Integrated Marketing Manager

  • Propose, execute, manage, and recap digital marketing campaigns for NTR, promotions, sales and digital departments
  • Create integrated marketing campaigns using a variety of platforms available within the company including websites, social media, newsletters, streaming, text messaging, based on the needs and goals required for each campaign and strategically increase their chance for success


Digital Traffic Director

  • Manage and action all local digital sales campaigns
  • Review Marketron Sales Orders to create Insertion Orders for the digital components


Social Media Manager

  • Developed copy, schedule, frequency for all social media initiatives for the station
  • Design social media content management system that enabled multiple individuals to view, edit, and implement elements of social media campaigns simultaneously in different locations, as well as track recap information for sales and promotions- based social campaigns


Video Producer

  • Produce, shoot, and edit video projects
  • Set Up locations, crew, equipment, and schedule for all video projects
  • Reviewed all video content produced by staff and freelancers


Event Coverage Coordinator

  • Arranged, managed, and executed the media coverage on behalf of the markets for events drawing as audiences as large as 50,000+ people including Dub Car Show, Super Jam, and Mega Fest.
  • Managed teams that addressed both digital and video needs for all respective station departments