Since Robert was in Kindergarten, his goal has been to serve within the media industries. As he grew up and learned more about the business landscape, he found himself intrigued by the importance and impact of storytelling, developing projects,  integrating new media technologies/practices into them, and how to generate revenue from these.  His journey to become a leading professional in the media industry has taken him across the country.

Robert is originally from Columbus, OH.  Even as a child, he had a passion for working in media and entertainment, drawing a number of comic books and initially deciding that he wanted to be an animator.  He eventually changed his mind and decided that comic books were more his preference, and he would continue to pursue this aspiration for several years later.

By the time he was in second grade, his family had moved to a suburb outside of Buffalo, NY.  During his 11 years in Buffalo, Robert’s passion for comics would evolve into television, film, and videogames.  While in high school, Robert noticed the trends between various media industries, noting that books, comics, television, films, and videogames, were all used amongst each other (ie- books being translated into comics and/or movies, then videogames and tv series).  His realization led him to want to have an understanding of all of these industries as he saw a merging pattern.

Robert’s undergraduate years brought him back to Columbus, OH to attend The Ohio State University, where he majored in English with a focus on creative writing; a minor in Theater, with a concentration in film; and studies in Computer Science IT.  The three areas of study gave Robert the initial foundation he felt he needed..

For graduate school, Robert moved to New York City and attended Brooklyn College CUNY, where he studied Television and Radio, with a concentration in television network management.  His studies gave him an establishment in understanding the different areas of the television broadcasting industry and departments in at a television station, as well as a strong appreciation for journalistic integrity.  It was also during this time when the new media convergence began to have a serious impact on the television and film industries, which intrigued him enough to follow the transition even after graduation.  The final impact of graduate school is that Robert saw the importance of not only understanding the inner workings of a broadcasting network, but also the workings of the freelancing market, specifically in production.  He felt that if he learned both sides of the industry, freelance and corporate, that it would ultimately make him a very valuable asset to anyone he worked for.

As a result, upon graduation, Robert worked primarily as a freelancer for several years.  He worked on a variety of projects, both as a freelancer and within a television broadcast studio setting.  Projects include television shows, independent and major films, commercials, music videos, event coverage, documentaries, press announcements, corporate-based, and non-profit-based.  The collection of his experiences caused Robert to realize that his interest had evolved into enjoying the entire process of initiating, developing, and completing projects, which led him to the decision to become a producer.  When he transitioned into broadcasting as his primary form of work, the experience showed him the importance of sales in relation to a company and its products, and most importantly the rising influence of digital sales.

His dedication to improving his craft and abilities in order to be a leader in his field drew him back into continuing education, where he has earned certifications in New Media Design, and various aspects of business, including Marketing, Business Finance, and Intellectual Property.  He also completed training for Project Management Professional (PMP) and received certification in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

To date, Robert’s journey has taken him from Columbus, OH; Buffalo, NY; St. Louis, MO; and New York City.  His pursuit has also enabled him the opportunity to travel around the country, working in cities such as Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Houston TX; Dallas-Fort Worth, TX; Boston, MA; and Washington DC.

In addition, his experience and knowledge enabled him the opportunity to work at Simply ME TV (a subsidiary of Simply 4ME, Inc.), a multiplatform interactive television network, where some of his primary duties included the development and management of the television network’s technological infrastructure, multiple departments’ personnel management system, and video production projects.  His work with the company and as a freelancer opened the door for him to work with additional reputable companies such as, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, MTV, Microsoft, Sling Media, Echostar, STL TV, Mozell Entertainment Group, DNA, Octopus Creative Group, and G-Net Media.

Initially, he served as the Online Editor, managing their digital  and video initiatives in 2 markets-  Dallas-Fort Worth, TX  and St. Louis, MO.  Recently, however, he accepted a promotion in Dallas, TX , transitioning into their sales department.  Currently, he serves as the Integrated Sales Manager, overseeing the digital sales initiatives for Radio One’s Dallas-based stations.

His experiences and education have not only taught him the ins and outs of his business, but have also encouraged him to remain an individual of integrity and dedication who refuses to give up his goals, always be a person of his word, and be the best at what he does.