At The Top of The Pyramid- Production Coordinator (2010)

Title:  Production Coordinator

Project: At The Top of The Pyramid


Company: Slamgate Productions

Date:  2010

Location(s):  Fairfax, VA

Genre:  Teen Dramedy

Format: Feature Film

Overview:  AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID is an upbeat, action packed cheerleader’s tale, filled with music and sports; dance and romance; friendship and family; set within the psychological drama of teenage angst and pathos. BRING IT ON meets BLACK SWAN. A character driven dramedy, infused with music, AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID is a classic teenage ensemble film. Warm but exciting, the story unfolds into an intense study of family; teenage social hierarchy in that rare place and time of life, and the adults who dare attempt to guide them through it. Although our point of entry is the world of high school cheerleading, AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID delves deeply into the psychological surrealism of the dreams, nightmares, fears and insecurities that haunt teenagers, then dramatically climaxes as a chronicle of the power of relationships and the resilience of the human spirit.  (Taken from IMDB)

Length: 102 minutes

#Episodes (if applicable): N/A

Skills Used:  Scheduling, organizing, managing, research

Target Audience: Females age 12-34


  • Communicated with production managers, directors, and staff to ensure everything is prepared
  • Planned and arranged the movement of cast, crew, equipment and supplies to filming locations
  • Made sure everything ran smoothly during filming; responded to problems and issues as they developed during filming; anticipated and solved any issues with regards to equipment, personnel, or supplies before they become problematic
  • Collected and logged all research information and materials
  • Recruited, hired, and managed crew members
  • Managed and ordered all equipment pick ups