AIFA 2008 Football Season- Producer (2007-2008)

Title: Producer

Project: AIFA 2008 Football Season

Company: Simply ME TV / American Indoor Football Association (AIFA)

Date: 2007-2008

Location(s): Dublin, OH/ Boston, MA / New Milford , CT / New York, NY / Jersey City, NJ / Fayetteville, NC / Los Angeles, CA

Genre: Sports Event / Indoor Football League

Format: Event Coverage

Overview: Simply ME had signed an agreement to serve as the producers and national broadcasters of the AIFA’s 2008 season.  This included producing the games, distribution of them in both live and VOD on multiple platforms, assistance in attracting advertisers, development of a music soundtrack, videogames, and a website redesign.

Length: 3 Hours per game

#Episodes (if applicable): 18 Games

Skills Used: videogame development, encoding, multiplatform formatting, music soundtrack development, website development, mobile website development


  • Helped create the final format of the broadcast, time breakdown, and shot schedule
  • Oversaw the production of the music, videogame, and website developments for the project
  • Reviewed bids from equipment vendors and determined which ones to use
  • Managed production crews on site
  • Wrote, reviewed, and edited promo scripts
  • Assisted Lead Engineer in the design and development of the multi-platform distribution system for the content
  • Served as liaison between company executives and league owners during development of project
  • Composed day breakdown for shoot days