Advanced Certificate, New Media Design- State University at Buffalo SUNY

Advanced Certificate, New Media Design, 2006

Concentration: Web Design, Video/Audio Streaming, Videogame Development

State University of New York: University at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY

Relevant Courses

Videogame Design– created 3 team-based projects including a racing combat board game, 2D side scrolling action game using Gamemaker (game/level designs), Flash (animated sequences between levels) and Photoshop (title screen), and a 3D 360-degree environment racer using Terragen (the level), Maya (3D models), Visual C++ (Programming), and Photoshop (Title Screens) and Irrlicht (the overall game programming environment)

Web Design Interface– learned basics in designing user friendly web design interfaces for websites

2D Animation– created 4 short animated pieces that required rotoscoping, compositing, and interpolated animation using Flash, After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, and Photoshop

New Media Design– learned how to use html, xml, xhtml, css webdesign using Dreamweaver; implement graphics, audio, and video into websites using various applications such as Photoshop, Image Ready, and Flash; created website using these skills